Project news

Complete and handover package BP1.3.2 – Construction work of power, water, fire hydrants, lighting system for phase 2 of The Manor Central Park project – Hoang Mai, Hanoi.

Project news 05.09.2022

In addition to completing the construction packages of villas, parks, and streets to ensure quality, progress and satisfy the strict requirements of Client and customers, Vijako has been entrusted by BITEXCO to implementing other utility items at the project, specifically: Transformer station, electrical infrastructure, lighting, domestic water supply and drainage...


Project news 29.08.2022

On the morning of August 27, 2022, at Flamingo Hai Tien project in Hoang Truong commune, Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province. The project management board of Lam Hoang Anh (Member unit in the model) together with General Contractor Phuc Hung Holdings solemnly held the topping ceremony of the first...

Completing the construction of the landscape, park and infrastructure package for Block 14, Block 16, phase 2 of The Manor Central Park project.

Project news 15.08.2022

Following the implementation and handing over of the landscape, park and infrastructure construction packages in phase 01, Vijako has received the trust of BITEXCO to perform the package BP1.4.2 phase 2 The Manor Central Park project. Photo: Park with green trees and stone tiles. In the spirit of the highest...

Groundbreaking ceremony of Flamingo Hai Tien project

Project news 17.02.2022

Following previous successful projects, Lam Hoang Anh continued to receive the trust of General Contractor Phuc Hung Holdings to be assigned with the construction of the contract package “Pile construction, raw construction and exterior finishing of Mini Hotel series” belonging to the Flamingo Hai Tien marine eco-tourism and resort project,...

Busy construction at projects in the near Tet period

Project news 28.01.2022

Entering the days approaching the Lunar New Year 2022, Vijako is still busy implementing a series of projects at the same time. Building trust in customers is the driving force for us to be determined to complete the projects, ensuring the best progress and quality. During the difficult period in...

Vijako expeditiously implements the construction of the contract package of development design and construction of 11 block under the manor central park project

Project news 28.01.2022

Being continuously received the trust and cooperation from the investor Bitexco, in the last days of the 2021 lunar calendar, the construction atmosphere of the Block 11 park landscape package at The Manor Central Park project was still going very busy and fast. Vijako’s staff, equipment and machinery still worked...
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