Policy & Commit

Considering "The Commitment" with customers as the vital future, and with the spirit of "non-stop learning and not afraid of difficulties and challenges"; we believe to satisfy the customers’ expectations in projects.


Quality Guarantee

We take care all the smallest work details in the project to achieve a highest quality product, listen, and consider the quality as our brand.

On track with the schedule

With a strong internal strength, a good promotion of synergy, a close coordination between the Owner, Project Manager Unit, Consultants, VIJAKO always ensures the construction schedule is on track with full standards and in the shortest time.

Reasonable price

By synthesizing and optimizing resources, we maintain a reasonable price with the highest service quality.


Conscientiousness service

To provide conscientiousness service and the satisfaction to Customers & Partners

Quality Guarantee

To guarantee a high quality and progress with a reasonable cost

Professional management system

To operate with a professional management system, that worked through many difficult projects.