Completing the construction of the landscape, park and infrastructure package for Block 14, Block 16, phase 2 of The Manor Central Park project.

- 15/08/2022 -

Following the implementation and handing over of the landscape, park and infrastructure construction packages in phase 01, Vijako has received the trust of BITEXCO to perform the package BP1.4.2 phase 2 The Manor Central Park project.

Photo: Park with green trees and stone tiles.

In the spirit of the highest determination to satisfy the quality, high-class criteria at the project of the Client, Vijako has focused resources to complete the package and is under the handover stage of the final items to Client.

Photo: Lighting system in night.

The package includes construction and finishing of Finger Park 01, 02, 03, Pocket Park 05, 06 and lighting system, sidewalk, outdoor stands, artificial river and fountain for Block 14, 16 at the project. The parks are designed in harmony among the villas, creating a common living space, equipped with green utilities for residents of the project.

Photos: Finger and pocket parks, and other landscape utilities.