VIJAKO organized periodical health check for the year 2022

- 29/10/2022 -

Implementing the welfare regime for employees, VIJAKO organized the Health Check program for 2022 from September 20, 2022 to September 23, 2022 for employees in Hanoi and Thanh Hoa areas. The health check program takes place in an orderly, professional and thoughtful atmosphere. VIJAKO employees are allowed to perform basic tests and general examination. The examination content is detailed with a team of highly qualified doctors, and modern and specialized equipment.

During the health check-ups, VIJAKO employees have the opportunity to exchange and talk with each other between construction sites, departments, and above all, this is also an opportunity for everyone to care and take care of their own health. Wishing all VIJAKO brothers and sisters good health and full of energy to continue to create perfect works.

Some photos of the periodical health check for the year 2022.