Ceremony for topping out of Block 15 of The Manor Central Park

- 01/04/2022 -

On the morning of March 7, 2022, Vijako held a topping out ceremony for the first block of villas Block 15 of The Manor Central Park project. Attending the ceremony were representatives of Bitexco Investor and Consultant Bureau Veritas.

Although in the period affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, difficulties in mobilizing workers during the Lunar New Year period; However, as a general contractor, Vijako has affirmed its capacity, thereby achieving the results of topping out the package 10 days ahead of schedule as committed with the Employer. This achievement has recognized the careful preparation, enthusiastic and serious working spirit of Vijako Contractor’s staff and employees, demonstrating Vijako’s prestige with subcontracting partners, suppliers, team of workers. And most importantly, demonstrating the close coordination between Bitexco, Bureau Veritas and Vijako.

The event marked an important milestone in the contract package and with that spirit of excitement, Vijako is ready to continue completing the next milestones to ensure progress and quality, contributing to the overall success of the Project.

Some photos from the Ceremony


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