Hand over the premium Villas, Phase 01 at The Manor Central Park project

- 18/03/2021 -

The Manor Central Park villa area, located in the southwest of Hanoi, has a prime location right on Nguyen Xien Street in Hoang Mai District and Thanh Tri District, Hanoi. The project is invested by Bitexco Group, Vijako undertakes the civil work construction and finishing of the exterior of 187 apartments in Phase 01 of the Project.

As of May 2021, Vijako has handed over all villas. In the process of completing and handing over the apartment, quality, aesthetics and progress are what we always aim for, and are always recognized by the Employer and the villa owner.

For Vijako, being with the Employer in each project is not only a responsibility but also a passion, a mission to join hands to develop the construction industry in particular and Vietnam in general to be sustainable and prosperous.


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