Handover of Luxury apartments Thuy Truc Shophouse area – Ecopark

- 05/07/2021 -

Commencing in 2020, Lam Hoang Anh (member unit of VIJAKO) participated in completing Thuy Truc Shophouse project in Ecopark Urban Area. The project is invested by Ecopark Group with a scale of 67 detached houses and commercial shophouses.

Thuy Truc Shop house area in Ecopark

Thuy Truc shophouse area is surrounded by luxury apartment complex Aqua Bay, West Bay and central utility subdivisions Swan Lake, Marian… It is because of the central location connecting all utilities that has brought business opportunities as well as an extremely comfortable living value for every shophouse owner.

With a spirit of enthusiasm in working, whether it is day or night, we have overcome all obstacles, meeting the schedule, safety and quality of the work.

Photo: Handover of apartment to the owner

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