- 27/09/2023 -

VIJAKO has just completed the 2023 annual health check program for employees according to the welfare regime. The program emphasizes employee health care as one of the Company’s top priorities.

For VIJAKO, staff is both a driving force for development and a direct contributor to creating good values for society through high-class projects, in harmony with the environment. Therefore, VIJAKO not only focuses on taking care of employees’ lives but also always strives to help each employee have the best health. 

The periodic health check program is carried out in September 2023. VIJAKO cooperated with a team of doctors at Hanoi Medical University Hospital who are dedicated, experienced, and highly specialized, ensuring quality. The Company’s employees were examined in the best and most professional way. This is also the partner that has accompanied VIJAKO for the past 5 years. In addition to the general examination list, employees have been fully carried out with procedures and examination items such as Ultrasound, electrocardiogram, X-ray, blood formula test, image diagnosis, etc.

(Photo taken in blood testing at the Company head office)

The periodic health check-up is an opportunity to listen to the body, listen to the doctor’s advice, and assess overall health status to detect unusual health problems, if any, before they become serious or detect the disease at an early stage when there are no outward symptoms, for more effective treatment. In addition, the periodic medical examinations also help employees make more reasonable adjustments in nutrition and lifestyle to increase labor productivity and improve quality of life.

(Photo taken in blood testing at Site)

Every year, employees working at VIJAKO enjoy the most comprehensive health examination standards. In addition to the periodic health check policy, for key officials (head of department/division or higher), VIJAKO also has special policies such as PVI and Bao An Sinh, care insurance, etc. This is the way the Board of Directors shows close attention to employees and it is to care for the most important resource of the company. The periodic health check for employees is not simply an expression of corporate social responsibility but also a practical and meaningful act to take care of human values, the most valuable asset that every organization needs to maintain and promote labor productivity and increase creativity and combativeness of the team. With a healthy body and optimistic spirit, all VIJAKO employees will certainly feel secure in their work, firmly united, and contribute more to the development of the Company.

(Employees in intensive health check in Hanoi Medical University Hospital)  


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