- 01/12/2023 -

On November 28, 2023, VIJAKO organized a training course for “Discussion and negotiation skills” for the company’s management team, officers and employees. The course is part of VIJAKO’s annual training program and is directly taught by Master, Lecturer Vuong Van Tan from KASH Vietnam Training Center.

In addition to fostering professional knowledge required for work, VIJAKO always considers that it is very important to provide training of necessary skills for employees, contributing to increasing work performance. Negotiations with Clients, partners, etc. are often lengthy, consuming a lot of time and human resources of the parties involved. There are even many cases where negotiating parties do not understand each other’s problems, cannot determine their goals or are conservative, do not listen to their partners, lack plans and solutions to solve issues, leading to the results that are not as expected. Therefore, supplementing negotiation and discussion skills is essential.

Participants to training course are more than 25 trainees from Finance and Accounting department, Engineering department, Human Resources Administration department and construction site command boards. Under the guidance, enthusiastic teaching and stimulating atmosphere of the Trainer, the trainees participated in the course enthusiastically, actively in discussions and eloquence with many new perspectives and arguments.

Trainees presented, argued enthusiasticially with new ideas

Training course “Discussion and negotiation skills” took place successfully.

The trainees received useful professional knowledge and practical experience from the Trainer, changing their thinking and outlook on negotiation and discussion skills. From there, each trainee perfects their own methods and negotiation skills with Clients, Partners, Subcontractors, Suppliers, etc., helping the parties understand each other and achieve negotiation results that are beneficial for both sides. After the course, trainees can confidently improve their negotiation skills to help speed up work progress in the spirit of “Win-Win Thinking”.

Trainees are awarded certificates for completion of negotiation skill course

The course “Discussion and Negotiation Skills” took place successfully. This will be the basis for VIJAKO to organize more training courses and useful sharing sessions for management levels and company employees. Through this, it can be seen that VIJAKO not only fulfilled its project commitments to Clients and partners, but also did a good job of training and paying attention to fostering skills for the key staff at the company.

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