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On January 25, 2024, VIJAKO reviewed the company in 2023 with positive business performance results in the context of the construction industry facing many difficulties and challenges and organized a “Year End Party” with memorable emotions and memories along with many activities in a cozy, happy, gathering, and vibrant atmosphere filled with positive energy.

The year 2023 is coming to an end, a new year, the year of the Dragon (Giap Thin) 2024, with new directions and plans is coming to every corner of the country. Joining the atmosphere of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, on January 25, 2024, which is December 15, 2023 of the lunar calendar, VIJAKO held a 2023 Review Conference and a Year End Party in a cozy, vibrant atmosphere and filled with positive energy. Participants to the 2023 Review Conference and Year-End Party was the Board of Directors, all company employees and guests.

The 2023 company review conference and Year End Party is an opportunity for the company’s Board of Directors and all VIJAKO employees to look back on the past year and build a development direction for the coming year, is a sincere gratitude from the Board of Directors to all employees of the company in the past year who together made every effort for the development of the company.


Experiencing many challenges and fluctuations, especially when 2023 is a difficult year for the economy in general and the construction industry in particular, but with the close, correct directions and companionship of the company’s Board of Directors, with the determination and efforts of employees, VIJAKO overcame a challenging year with positive business performance results compared to the set goals.

​The business plan has been basically completed, ensuring jobs for employees and workers. Especially, in the last 6 months of the year, VIJAKO has signed new contracts with a value of more than VND 300 billion and is negotiating to sign more than VND 50 billion in early 2024 which are highlights that VIJAKO has achieved in the past year.

The 2023 review conference took place enthusiastically with many positive opinions from participants.

Entering the new year 2024, it is expected to be a year full of difficulties and challenges for the construction industry, but VIJAKO is determined to set out directions and development plans with higher targets than those of 2023. The entire Board of Directors, VIJAKO employees will strive, innovate, and be more creative to achieve the targets set for 2024.


The VIJAKO team is united and strong, contributing to the development of the company.

The Year End Party was opened with a jubilant atmosphere with the performance “Like Spring Flowers” performed by “VIJAKO singers”.

After showing the 2023 summary video, looking back on the past year with the spirit of standing side by side of entire company, the party officially began with a speech, the reason declaration, and opening the party by Mr. Le. Van Chien – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the company. He shared about the positive results VIJAKO has achieved in 2023 and the direction and plans for 2024, and sent sincere thanks to the partners and employees who have accompanied VIJAKO in the past year:

Mr. Le Van Chien – Chairman of Board of Director cum General Director gave a speech.

The company’s executive board cheered to open the party.

Honor outstanding groups and individuals

The year 2023 has witnessed VIJAKO’s creative efforts, relentless determination, innovation in thinking, and desire to make a difference. Through many upheavals and challenges, VIJAKO has together created positive results, a solid foundation for future success.

Contributing to the above achievements is the solidarity and standing side by side with the company throughout the past time of excellent and typical collectives and employees. Thanks to that, VIJAKO has built a strong staff team, each member performs well in performing their assigned work.

Noble awards such as Outstanding Department/Division, Outstanding and fulfilled Site Command Committee, Outstanding Site Managers, Outstanding and Excellent Individuals were awarded to departments, divisions, and Site Command Committees, and individuals who have achieved excellent results or completed tasks well in the past year to honor individuals and groups who have made great contributions to the company.

Below are photos of departments, divisions, site command committees, sub-committees, and inviduals being honored respectively:

Individuals who successfully completed tasks excellently in 2023.

Site managers completed their best missions in 2023.

Teams successfully completed tasks excellently in 2023: Finance and Accounting Department, BP3.4 package of The Manor Central Park project. The team completed tasks well in 2023: Technical Department, XL34-01 package of Ivory Hoa Binh project and Warehouse Department. The training subcommittee had positive changes in 2023.

Performance by “VIJAKO homegrown singers”

The program was followed by a happy and vibrant musical performance to welcome spring – an indispensable spiritual activity at the Year End Party. To have a year-end party with many surprises and meanings, the VIJAKO performance team hatched the idea from very early time and prepared meaningful songs to welcome spring.

This year, Year End Party is not only a party and music night but also a meeting of “VIJAKO homegrown singers”. Although at the end of the year, people are busy with a large amount of work, VIJAKO “singers” have been diligently practicing to have attractive music performances.

Together with the happy and joyful cultural program are cohesive team game performances, adding to the excitement of the Year End Party.

Below are some pictures of the Year End Party 2023:

Each member of the company is a colorful piece that creates the big picture called VIJAKO. They all try their best with their youth, contribute to creating their own highlights, constantly practice and strive for development, not afraid to overcome limited barriers to move forward and continue together on the journey to conquer new lands in 2024.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Company’s Board of Directors for organizing this company review conference and Year End Party. This is a great opportunity for VIJAKO employees to look back on the past year together and relieve stress after a year of hard work, mentally preparing for a new year with many challenges ahead.

In just a few weeks, the year of the Dragon (Giap Thin) 2024 will knock on the door of every family, every small alley and make people’s hearts even more excited, and joyful. Kumquat peaches and apricot blossoms are showing off their beauty, young buds are gently sprouting. Tet is here!

Wishing VIJAKO officers and employees a new year full of health, joy and happiness, good luck and more enthusiasm to help Vijako rise higher and further in the future.

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