- 10/11/2023 -

Recently, VIJAKO coordinated with the Bitexco Employer and Bureau Veritas Construction Management Consultant to successfully hand over priority shophouses under the BP3.4 contract package of “Piling, structure, exterior and interior finishing works for 67 units and infrastructure, landscape works for Block 15, The Manor Central Park project to customers.

Construction met the Contract schedule, ensured quality, labor safety, and environmental sanitation criterias. The first shophouses at Block 15 were handed over to their owners for the first handover and were highly appreciated by the Employer as well as received satisfaction from customers.  

To achieve the above success, we have to mention the trust and confidence of Bitexco Employer; companionship, support, and close cooperation from Bureau Veritas Construction Management Consultant (BV); good coordination of construction implementation by subcontractors, construction teams and continuous efforts of during the past 23 months VIJAKO staff.

Photo of Block 15 sparkling at night at The Manor Central Park project.

With the slogan of “Safe thinking – Quality working”, VIJAKO understands the Employer’s vision and dedication for the project. Therefore, throughout the project implementation process, VIJAKO has deployed priority shophouses of the package meticulously and carefully, from selection of 5-star quality materials and equipment to implementation of construction, ensuring strict requirements on safety, environmental landscape, and quality.

In particular, during the construction process, VIJAKO always focuses on safety, construction management of work items, and selection of subcontractors and construction teams with good workmanship to create luxury 5-star shophouses that meet project requirements. Devoting our whole heart to the shophouse as our brainchild, we are sure that the shophouse promises to be a place worth living for customers.

Shophouse quality is strictly controlled under the supervision of the Employer and Construction management consultant.

The Manor Central Park is one of the largest super projects in Hanoi with a scale of 17 apartment buildings, more than 1066 shophouses, villas, and townhouses. It is called “The New Era of Hanoi’s 36 Streets”, The Manor Central Park is a prosperous urban area and architectural masterpiece in the area. Among them, Block 15 is considered a “pearl” and the most classy block of the project.

As the General Contractor at Block 15 of the project, understanding the Employer’s dedication for the project, VIJAKO has focused all resources on finance, equipment, and human resources to complete the first shophouses in accordance with the Contract schedule, bringing satisfaction to the Employer and customers in the first handover.

Bringing a modern and prosperous commercial appearance with a unique design of TWO UNIQUE BUSINESS FRONTS, FLEXIBLE HOUSING AND BUSINESS FUNCTIONS thanks to smart functional design with many outstanding advantages, multi-point connection to comprehensive utility system such as walking street, Central park, Finger park, international school, Hoang Mai avenue, etc. with a reasonable service radius, Block 15 of The Manor Central Park – “From original to unique” is ready to welcome future residents to live and work, opening their dream home.

The handover ceremony of priority shophouses at Block 15 took place successfully.

The 5-star luxury shophouse promises to be a place worth living for customers.

With the successful handover of the first shophouses in the Block 15 package to customers, it has once again affirmed an important milestone in the Employer’s management of high-end project general contractors, including structure, landscape, especially the  MEP and Fit-out finishing items. The Manor Central Park project continues to set new standards for luxury living, a testament to the dedication and expertise of all stakeholders.​

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