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With determination and efforts to comply with commitments to the Employer, the BP3.4 – Block 15 package, The Manor Central Park project with VIJAKO as the General Contractor was completed and handed over on schedule, ensuring strict requirements on quality, safety, and environmental sanitation, and received high appreciation from the Bitexco Employer, Bureau Veritas Consultant and satisfaction from customers right at the first handover of the units.

After nearly two years of implementation, VIJAKO has completed and handed over the package BP3.4 on the Contract schedule: “Piling, structure, exterior and interior finishing works for 67 units and infrastructure, landscape for Block 15” of The Manor Central Park project as the General Contractor.

Photo of the project during construction with full equipment mobilized, ensuring occupational safety criteria.

Although the implementation process of the contract package encountered many difficulties and challenges, with the determination and efforts of VIJAKO’s staff, the package was implemented to ensure the most stringent requirements on schedule, quality, safety, environmental sanitation, receiving high appreciation from the Bitexco Employer, Bureau Veritas Consultant and satisfaction from customers right at the first handover of the units. From there, VIJAKO’s reputation and professionalism were affirmed.

Overview of Block 15, The Manor Central Park Project

Planned with outstanding commercial functions in a prime location with 67 high-end commercial townhouses, Block 15, East Quarter is the only area that owns the units with 2 TWO BUSINESS FRONTAGES with optimal commercial function throughout the urban area of The Manor Central Park project.

Locating in a prime location, Block 15 has been devoted to planning and design by the Employer. From the beginning, the Employer determined that Block 15 belongs to a higher-end segment compared to other Blocks in Phase 1 of the project. Therefore, Block 15 is planned with an area equivalent to Phase 1 but the number of units is only 65%. The Employer did not hesitate to increase the budget by 30% compared to the original plan to upgrade the design to create a different masterpiece with unique architecture, high-end materials and equipment, and 5-star quality. That is also one of the reasons why Block 15 is sold at a price 50% higher than other previous Blocks.

Block 15, The Manor Central Park Project with unique architecture, different designs, and full functions.

Block 15 fully inherits the values of the entire urban area’s utility system such as a 6.6ha central park, finger park system, commercial center complex, European square, walking street, international inter-school system, outdoor swimming pool, sports complex, community living area, etc., providing a 5-star quality living space for residents here.

Considered the “diamond” of the project, Block 15 is not only a symbol of convergence of all standards of modern high-class living but also contributes to creating a sustainable elite community with a value that continuously increases over time.

VIJAKO affirms its reputation as the Block 15 General Contractor

Understanding the Employer’s enthusiasm for the project, as the General Contractor at the BP3.4 – Block 15 package, VIJAKO has focused all resources in terms of finance, equipment, and human resources to complete and hand over the package on schedule according to the Contract and all commitments to the Employer.

Although during the implementation of the Contract package, VIJAKO encountered many difficulties and obstacles such as the fact that the Employer upgraded the design and made strict requirements on safety, quality, and environmental landscape, VIJAKO always coordinated closely with the Project Management Board and Bureau Veritas Consultant and proactively overcome difficulties and obstacles and organize construction to ensure project requirements.

Not only that, the contract package was also deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, leading to inflation and a “price storm” of materials, equipment, labor, etc., and deployed at the same time other contract packages at The Manor Central Park project. However, VIJAKO has applied the scenario to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in preparation to arrange finance and maintain human resources to carry out construction.

Close coordination of construction management and acceptance between VIJAKO, Consultant, and Employer.

VIJAKO has proven its commitment to the Employer by always putting safety and quality first and following the motto “Think safety, do quality”. VIJAKO is confident that it can meet strict quality requirements through careful selection and acceptance of materials, equipment, etc., and quality control from civil construction, and finishing to equipment and furniture installation.

In particular, VIJAKO has determined its professional construction and quality management thinking by hiring the Astra consulting unit to advise on the management system, and ensure construction quality and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to be applied to the design management from the beginning of the project.

Safety issues are also given top priority during the construction process, always ensuring a working environment for employees and project participants and confidently being able to control any problems that may occur during the construction process. This once again shows that VIJAKO has good preparation quality and risk management.

Photo of amenities of 5-star luxury apartment at Block 15.

Positive feedback from Employer Bitexco, Consultant Bureau Veritas, and related partners is proof of the project’s success. Specifically, Mr. Ju Chul Hong – Project Director of the Employer shared: “VIJAKO has had success beyond expectations and completed its tasks as General Contractor at the Block 15 package, The Manor Central project. VIJAKO managed the contract professionally, completed it on schedule, and ensured strict quality requirements.”

Block 15’s quality exceeds the expectations of the Employer and Consultant

The success of the contract package comes not only from the correct direction of the company’s Board of Directors, the efforts and determination of VIJAKO staff but also from the support of Employer Bitexco, the close supervision and professional construction management by Bureau Veritas Consulting, along with cooperation and compliance with the requirements of subcontractors and construction teams.

Employer Bitexco, Consultant Bureau Veritas, and VIJAKO work together to bring the project to a successful completion and handover to customers on schedule.

With the achievements at Block 15, VIJAKO has created an image of a professional company to market to many new employers, recognized, appreciated, and trusted by big employers such as Daewoo, Archi Reenco Hoa Binh, Nam Cuong, PGBank, CapitaLand, etc.,  to execute several new contract packages such as Ivory Hoa Binh, Do Son International Hotel, PGBank, Tien Son Primary School – Bac Giang, etc.

The success in handing over the Block 15 package is seen as an affirmation of VIJAKO’s capacity and reputation in the high-end construction market. This important milestone once again affirms VIJAKO’s ability to act as a General Contractor for projects with high requirements for safety, quality, and progress.

At the end of the past year, despite being busy, the company’s Board of Directors and the Site Steering Committee held a review session to learn from experience in managing and constructing contract packages to apply the results achieved to subsequent similar contract packages and overcome limitations for better implementation.

The success of this contract package and project will be the foundation to help VIJAKO create turning points in the future: confidently deploy contract packages that require similar 5-star quality, on par with the top contractors in Vietnam, helping the company grow more and more, etc.

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