- 25/03/2024 -

After more than two months of construction efforts, VIJAKO has completed on schedule the mock-up villas at the Ivory Villas & Resort project of Archi Reenco Hoa Binh with good quality which is recognized, highly appreciated, and praised by the Employer and partners for the Contractor’s efforts and proposals in recent times.


Beautiful view of the mock-up villa.

Having built a reputation with Archi Reenco Hoa Binh, after VIJAKO was consecutively assigned the construction of package No. XL34-01 – “Construction of structure and finishing work for boundary walls of 55 villas” and the package “Construction of core & shell and finishing work of the exterior, phase 3 and phase 4 of the Ivory Villas & Resort project”, the Employer continues to assign VIJAKO to construct 02 mock-up villas with modern, luxurious design and optimal functionality.




The mock-up villa design is luxurious and sophisticated, with lots of light, and optimal functionality.

With a team of highly specialized, experienced engineers and a team of highly skilled workers, VIJAKO has implemented the construction of two mock-up villas ensuring quality and management criteria from the selection of materials, input equipment, full inspection and acceptance following the procedure, etc. In particular, the finished quality meets the expectations of the Employer and partners.

In addition, during the construction process, VIJAKO made proposals to change the design of some reasonable items to improve the quality and aesthetics of the two mock-up villas and received approval from the Employer for implementation.

In early March, departments of the Archi Reenco Hoa Binh Employer visited the site to inspect and accept before putting the mock-up villas into use and welcoming visitors. They are highly appreciated by the Employer for their construction quality and praised for the construction efforts of the VIJAKO contractor.

Not only that, many customers who visited the two mock-up villas also gave positive feedback, some even intend to buy them because they meet the quality criteria, surrounding space, and landscape.

The Employer’s departments and divisions inspected the two mock-up villas before putting them into use highly appreciated the construction quality and praised VIJAKO’s efforts.

With the slogan of “Each officer is a safety officer”, throughout the construction process of the package, the company’s Safety Department always carried out methods to ensure occupational safety and environmental sanitation, meeting the criteria of the project and the Employer. Therefore, the construction site is always maintained clean; The contractor is always focused on protecting the project’s landscape and the safety of workers.


The green living space of the mock-up villas brings fresh air.

With professionalism in construction management, dedication, and responsibility in the implementation of the construction at the Ivory Villas & Resort project in general and the two mock-up villas in particular, VIJAKO has been recognized by the Employer and highly appreciated by customers. VIJAKO hopes to continue to cooperate with the Employer and many customers at the project soon.

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