- 17/01/2024 -

Thanks to the determination and efforts of the entire company, VIJAKO recently won the bid for the project on “Construction of classroom block at Tien Son Primary School, Bac Giang” – one of the charitable projects with the noble humanitarian meaning of the CapitaLand Employer.

In the last days of the lunar year 2023, when businesses across the country are racing hard to reach the finish line successfully, VIJAKO is proud to be trusted and entrusted by CapitaLand – one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups (headquarters in Singapore) to implement the project on “Construction of classroom block at Tien Son Primary School, Bac Giang” – one of the Employer’s charity projects.

Belonging to CapitaLand’s series of social activities, the project has profound humanitarian meaning in contributing to the local community – Thuong Lat village, Tien Son commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. The project includes two floors, one steel structure roof with a total of 12 classrooms, and a construction area of more than 600m2. The main work is to demolish the old classroom block and build a new one from piles, reinforced concrete structure to finishing, MEP works, and steel roof installation.

Tien Son Primary School is a humanitarian project that contributes to providing a better learning and living environment for children in Bac Giang province.

Participating in the construction of the Tien Son primary school project in Bac Giang not only marks the cooperation with the new Employer – CapitaLand but is also the first time that VIJAKO has participated in the construction of a charity project. With a nature-oriented design implemented by 1+1>2 International Architecture Joint Stock Company and full functionality, the Tien Son Primary School project will provide underprivileged children in Bac Giang province with a school for good learning and living, full of basic utilities and fresh air.

Although this bidding package was implemented at the end of the lunar year, a difficult period of mobilizing resources in terms of materials, equipment, labor, and finance, and at the same time, VIJAKO is also trying to speed up progress of its other projects, understanding the psychology and needs of Employers and the noble humanitarian meaning of the project, VIJAKO commits to prioritize mobilizing all resources to deploy this package professionally, on schedule and ensuring safety, quality.

Modern design, lots of trees, and airy windows are the highlights of the Tien Son Primary School project.

Accompanying the Employer in implementing this community project, VIJAKO hopes to contribute to providing a good learning environment for children in Bac Giang province, helping to nurture future talents for the region in particular and the country in general. VIJAKO would like to sincerely thank to the CapitaLand Employer for trusting and giving VIJAKO the opportunity to accompany with this noble meaningful project.

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